Updates on a Budget

Hello–This is my first blog post! I hope I am doing this correctly!!! I am going to try and do these blogs at least once a month, possibly more! Please feel free to comment and make suggestions for posts that you would like for me to elaborate on in the future.

For today I am going to list a few things to do so you can “Update a room on a budget.”

When updating a space, it would be great to completely redo the room from floor to ceiling! But, —our pocketbooks do not always allow that. So, now I thought I might list some suggestions that can not only refresh a room but help reinvent the space without breaking the bank.

Hopefully your larger pieces, such as sofa, chair etc. are neutral in color. This will make the task of reinventing the space much easier and give you much more of a selction to work with. You can start your new color scheme by picking a new set of throw pillows. Don’t be afraid to mix them up with contrasting solids and prints. Try finding some pillow with a different texture as well. If you find a pillow pattern you love work out from there the additional splashes of color by adding a new throw and some new decor pieces. Adding new decor pieces such as ceramic or woven baskets will give the room some new textures that will have it feeling like a brand new space.

Looking to spend a little extra!? Then a few additions like these will add a great touch to the room! Example-New artwork, a rug, or matching occasional chair. We can always order a new set of pillows and get a matching occasional chair starting at very reasonable prices.

Just doing a few of these things will make your space feel completly updated. Give it a try, don’t be afraid to experiment, and “Happy Decorating”

Cheri Pruitt, Owner and Certified Interior Decorater